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Writing genres (or literary genres) are determined by narrative technique, tone, content, and by critics' definitions of the genres. Writing genres may be fictional or non-fictional. Non-fiction is a loosely defined and flexible genre, made up of informational text dealing with an actual, real-life subject. Fiction is the classification for any story created in the imagination, rather than based strictly on history or fact.







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Ashley Korin McLean

Ashley Korin McLean is an author, model, motivational speaker and entrepreneur, who is dedicated to helping others in their personal development, especially young adults. She is also the founder of the Korin Black Project, a charitable foundation that aims to inspire, support and empower young girls and women to become poised and confident leaders in their personal lives and careers.

A graduate of Bradley University, Ashley Korin earned a Bachelor’s degree in advertising and multimedia. When not spending time with her family, she enjoys traveling, speaking to teens and young adults in the areas of self-improvement and working in the fashion industry. She is a proud Chicago native.

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Confidence Your Secret Weapon

A Guide to Building Confidence, 1st Ed. (paperback,ebook)

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