our team

A.C. McLean Publishing Manager, Duart Publishing Publicist, ACM PR, LLC
Ashley McLean Publisher, Duart Publishing Graphic Designer, Korley Ink Design
Arthur Masyuk Editor, Duart Publishing
Zachary George Social Media, Duart Publishing

our standards

We work to build long lasting relationships.

At Duart Publishing, we value people and cultivate lasting relationships with our clients and customers. We pride ourselves in creating an environment where ideas can flourish. The old saying goes that no man is an island, and we believe no one individual has all the answers. We solve problems by communicating with each other and working together.

We believe that optimism rules the day, everyday.

Everything we do begins with a positive attitude and dedication. Our open-mindedness is what allows us to be resilient and to inspire those around us. We listen, we ask questions, and we approach our collaborations with compassion, empathy, and trust.

We provide extraordinary service.

We believe anything worth doing is worth doing exceptionally well. We differentiate ourselves by doing things in unconventional and innovative ways. We go above and beyond the average level of service to create dynamic results for our clients.

We are insipred and determined.

We believe in continual improvement - personal and professional - and we are secure enough in ourselves to acknowledge that there is always room for growth. It is the passion for our business that allow us to challenge ourselves to become better. We hope that this attitude and drive inspires those around to do the same.

We work as if time is of the essence...because it is.

We take pride in being able to make the tough decisions. We use recovery planning and escalation of an issue ensuring that the problem at hand is resolved. We work with a sense of urgency on projects because to want our clients and products to be ahead of the curve.